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Gluten Free Crackers

        Gluten Free Crackers 1When Josiah Bent of Massachusetts accidently discovered crackers when he burnt an order of biscuits in his brick oven in 1801, he wouldn’t have in his wildest imagination envisioned the transformation the humble cracker would make. From being just a snack made from grain flour that sailors loved due to its long life expectancy, the cracker production today can be a multimillion dollar industry. Crackers currently come in sizes, shapes and flavors. Salt, cinnamon, multi grain, cheese, onion, tomato and herb are some of the hottest flavors. The term cracker is usually applied to flat biscuits having a savory or salty flavor, whereas a cookie although similar in texture has a sweet taste.

Having declared that, crackers can also be included in the large list of things to avoid for gluten intolerant people. Gluten can be a protein that is found in grains for example wheat, rye, barley, graham, kamut and faro. Avoiding glutinous products could be the only medically approved way of managing gluten sensitivity. But there is light following the tunnel yet. Along with popular favorites such as bread and pasta, gluten free crackers can also be available essentially health food stores and also major super markets. You can also buy your gluten free crackers delivered right to your door step.

How to find Gluten Foods.

Many popular shopping on the web websites including Amazon.com comes with a range of gluten free crackers in lots of brands, quantities and flavors. And if you are good at baking, you are able to whip up your personal batch of gluten free crackers. Many old along with new names inside the cracker industry are stepping into the production of gluten free crackers as a result of the demand, understanding the gluten free diet plus more and more people being clinically determined to have gluten intolerance.

With lots of money spent on research and development, gluten intolerant individuals can also now enjoy lots of their favorite crackers in gluten free cracker form. The gluten free multi grain cracker is my personal favorite. These gluten free crackers are pleasantly crispy, flakey and tender all rolled directly into one. The quinoa flour increases the earthy taste and yes it pairs well with a glass of wine or even a cup of tea depending on your mood. You may use the gluten free cracker equally as any other cracker inside the market. It’s perfect for adding your favorite topping for example cheese, veggies or lunch meat. Gluten free crackers also suit dips or guacamole. It’s an excellent addition for a child’s school lunch, a great gluten free appetizer for a party or gathering or even a light snack as you’re watching TV.

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